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In the battle of the heralds, the Imperial Glory battle team sent out Heracles. Sending an Atlantian herald in the first battle was a typical strategy. It was a strategy to assess the depth of the battle team.


That was Li Feng, X9, code name Grim Reaper. This was given by his opponents. He was the only one on the X Battle Standing that no one wanted to provoke, even those ahead of him.


Locatelli had already reminded him of this before the match. Victory was, of course, of foremost importance. The Mayans had no cause to fear the Aslan people.


After this exchange, the Aslan people had realized the gravity of the situation. They had not thought that the energy shield would actually be useless.


We have made some headway. But we still need some time before making a direct transfer into it. Xiao Fei shook her head. The other partys blockade method was space folding technology. In the physics world, this had been just a theory. This was equivalent to artificially creating a small dimension world. In order to enter it, they needed to possess the technology to break the barriers of time and space of the world.


The more troublesome issue was that Luo Fei was only a scout and not the captain. The key was with what was happening with Lear. Had the two of them been acting dumb together? Or was it just Luo Fei?

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Wang Zhengs victory has great significance for the Solar system. Regardless of time, they would never give up, they would never stop. We have not seen such demeanour from the Solar system for a long time!


Before this battle, Jondi Lilick had believed that he would definitely be able to catch up to Wang Zheng in two years time. But now, he knew that he was being naive.


The entire arena was enveloped with spiritual power when the Rune Sword was raised. Such strength and control was definitely the most frightening since the start of the competition.


The Desolate Steel Beast was sending tremours to the ground. Batuta’s spiritual strength was instantly elevated like the roars of the war drums. The power of the surrounding ground had been attracted to the Desolate Steel Beast and combined with the energy shield to become one. Mu Zhen knew that it was time to decide the outcome.


The Phantom King was switching and flying around the arena. Wang Zheng’s Plum Blossom Step also played a considerable role. As long as he resisted the power of lightning, Jondi Lilick was not necessarily stronger than Marzu and Gonzalez. It was useless!


Even if they could, the speed, strength, and stability would not be the same. The Sea Queen battle team at this SIG was also one of the leaders of Atlantis. Every team, including Wang Zheng, had the same reaction after they had calmed their nerves. In truth, they had to give due recognition to the power of Atlantis, but it did not mean that there was no solution.


Mars started, then barked out a laugh. “Sorry, but that is indeed the case. Even if I hadn’t come, others would. Might as well be me.”



The teams were all commenting. Dendi smiled. Indeed. Even though he had left Elite Academy X, those last days of battle were really good. He had even made friends.



The residual flame power from the surroundings formed by the continuous attacks of the raging flame suddenly rushed towards the Flaming Frenzy Sword. In the past, Lie Xin would have thought that this was a result of her Flaming technique. However, her entire body was cold as ice at this very moment; there was nowhere to hide.


Perhaps fate was really teasing him. The original reason why Wang Zheng had fought so hard and to continue doing so even now was because of the most beautiful princess of the Aslan Empire, Aina.


Wang Zheng was slightly stunned, then he laughed. ” This is not like you. Why have you become the other party’s mouthpiece? You know that I will definitely win.”

  • On Mars, everyone was already dancing in celebration. Regardless of the final outcome, the Martians had nothing else to lose. They had witnessed Lie Xins growth and success!
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