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Zhang Shan could not hear any of this. The emergency response team was already rushing towards him. His injuries were very serious. Montero had been holding on to Zhang Shan all this while. He had also given him first aid immediately. He had given him a shot of adrenaline-enhanced liquid. As an Arbiter warrior, this was a normal occurrence. Although the emergency response team had been very quick in their response, they still needed time as the arena was huge after all.


There were also no barriers in communication with Jasper, Laurel, and Gabre. It was relaxed and casual. Laurel had also asked Luo Er along. They were now in the same boat.


This should be a place where there should be no trace of human activity. It should be a death zone of a death zone. Yet there were signs of people around the forest.


They were of legitimate age. The captain, as the oldest, was only thirty-one years old. Their overall evaluation was that they were a “lower mid” battle team, but in the end, they had dragged the dignified top ten seeded Radiance battle team to the team battle segment!


The Golden Wheel battle team won this round with a stunning performance from Hinrich. Murmurs of amazement resonated all around. At this stage of the SIG, most people thought that there would not be any more surprising powers, but the Golden Wheel battle team had surprised everyone. Hinrich’s use of the Maya’s Mantis would embarrass even the Mayans.


Saruman Snake would definitely not question Wang Zheng, but other people were not members of Saruman Snake. Debates arose all around. This Snow Li… did not seem like a main team member, and, in addition, the Saruman Snake battle team had become well known due to their physical techniques, so there was no use for an additional sniper. The most important part was that sending a sniper for an individual battle would be a gamble with a huge risk. There was no reason for Wang Zheng to do so.

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Lear indeed was planning to sneak attack, but after Qiankun Zadeh’s hint, he extinguished his hope. Lear would further relations with Aslan.


However, the third layer of the energy protection wall finally blocked the onslaught of the energy waves. With nowhere to release, part of the energy shot to the sky, while the rest bounced back. The inside of the arena was like an energy hell.


From the outside, it felt very weak, but for Mars, who was immersed in the battle, it was an entirely different feeling.


The military schools from each country had their own hosts, expressing their own viewpoints and analyses of the match, including comments for every single team member. It may be just a warm up, but in actuality, it represented the thoughts and opinions of most people in the colleges.


“Mars’ ability is unquestionable. This guy is on the prime grooming list of Arbiter’s younger generation. Anybody on this list is at least a general in the future,” Ouyang Ruoliu said busily. The screen had been cleaned.


Its obvious that Saruman Snake is very confident. However, judging from strength alone, Achilles is still far from comparable. Besides, he has just recovered from major injuries, I feel that Ouyang Chuanyun is a little better, commented Si Jiali. She had spoken the truth too. While the two warriors were making their final adjustments to their mecha, the commentators from all the countries had not been idle.


A mech then appeared on the big screens They were unfamiliar battling scenes. One after another, Earth-rank warriors began to fall.



The entire academy was shrouded in a tense atmosphere. For everyone, as long as they were already in the semi-finals, they were already winners. As for the battles that were to come, they need not pursue them so obsessively. The differences in strengths were obvious. But this was still a battle that they could try to win.



In terms of presence, Mars completely held the upper hand. The Heavenly Overlord Attack’s savagery was top-class. It sought the strongest attacks. In any era, offense was king.


Wang Zheng did not need to see. He could feel the malicious glares behind him. Kashawen had successfully nudged him towards the cliff, and he did not doubt at all that the Aslan people wanted to kill him. Everyone had already signed the waiver pre-competition, and this was the truth of SIG. It was like a special forces competition in the military. Only death could separate the winners from the losers.


Charcoal had dragged his spirit into the Rubiks Cube to let his body repair at the fastest possible speed. Now there was a need to familiarize himself with the changes in his body.

  • The generals from various countries did not mind these things. They could directly see these warriors’ Ability X peak, their tenacity, as well as their connectivity with the world.
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